News - 9th January 2017

Zeit Magazine Article

English translation of article in Zeit Magazine [Source]

When we are awake, we are both very different. As far as our nightly dreams are concerned, we resemble one another at least: we both remember each other very seldom and fragments of our dreams. Our great common dream space, on the other hand, is still very lively. For four years we have the dream of Olympic golddreamed together and share everything has been done to make it true.

When it was actually so far, we could hardly grasp what had happened. It may be that we had dreamed at night of that moment. But we do not even remember it. In the night after our Olympic victory, we slept profoundly and dreamlessly.

In our daydreams, however, we have been experiencing these moments for several months now and again: the last change of the ball, the gait on the victory podium - these images we conjure up again and again in the memories. The state of intoxication still continues, into which the fulfillment of our great vitality has brought us.

Especially since it looked like he'd burst before he'd really started. When Kira first fell ill at the beginning of our Olympic preparations, and then, when we had just begun training again, she had to injure her knee and undergo surgery, which seemed to be the ultimate nightmare. It was in the stars, if she would be fit again in time.

But we have lived through this existential threat of our sporting dreams together. This experience has made us even closer together. We worked together out of this nightmare together, kept on our dream - and finally made it come true.

Are Germany's most successful beach volleyball players. At the Olympic Games in Rio, they won the gold medal. The path is entirely the documentary Ludwig / Walkenhorst: The road to gold, which has now been published as a DVD.

Even if our happiness still lasts: We know, of course, that a fulfilled life can be a two-edged sword. The euphoria often follows the emptiness, the crash into a deep hole. It is important to find new goals. Luckily, the World Cup is due next year, which is a title that is still missing, our next dream. After that, we must go back to dreaming.

In any case, we hope that it will go on for a few more years. As different as we are, as a sporting entity, we simply work extremely well. Today we know what we can ask each other, what we need from each other, and we can say that. Probably our different characters are also an advantage. We can rub against each other, grow together and learn from each other.

It is unbelievable how much sand you are dragged home as a beach volleyball player. Especially the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner are not able to cope with this in the long run, both give us the spirit much faster than in other households. Therefore Sometimes we dream of a sponsor who regularly us with new washing machines and vacuum cleaners supplies.

Laura & Kira sleeping

"When Kira hurt her knee, our big dream stood on the brink"