News Archive - May 2017


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20th May 2017 - Laura & Kira visit the monument to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. It looks like they have discovered their names on one of the Gold Medal plaques. So this tournament ends with a Gold Medal after all! [Photograph]

19th May 2017 - Match 4 - Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Pavan/Humana-Paredes on Court 1. Result: 0-2 (17:21, 13:21) This brings L&W's Rio tournament to a close finishing in 5th position.

Match 3: Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Ukolova/Barsuk or Davidova/Shchypkova
8.00pm GMT on Court 3. Result: 2-0 (21:13, 21:15)

L&W's thoughts on Day 1 (Translation): 
Incredibly tough games with a lot of hard work on the 1st day  and very happy about the team performance!
Tomorrow we are waiting for our opponent for the second round in the single elimination. But first, it means sleep 😝
best regards, Your girlzzzz


18th May 2017 - Match 1: Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Lusson/Jupiter (FRA). Result: 2-0 (22:20, 21:19) [Video]

Match 2: Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Juliana/Carol (BRA). Result: 2-1 (14:21, 21:19, 20:18)

Full tournament updates/news/schedules etc can be found on the Rio Tournament News Page

12th May 2017 - Translated FB Update:

Before we get into the heat, we had once again the full contrast program: shooting at the Baltic Sea at 11 °. What Mirja has done from two freezing beach volleyball players is once again the hammer. You can not see how much we have frozen - you can find the pictures on our Instagram page:
A big thank you to all who were there, to Silke from the Timmendorfer Strand Touristik and the hotel Seeschlösschen, which supported us super. We are looking forward to seeing you again at Timmendorf. But if we're to be honest, we're still looking forward to 30 ° in Rio,   Your girlzzzzz

10th May 2017 - L&K test out the new electric Smart car in this short clip. [Video] [Picture]

Also today a new moody L&K photo by Mirja Geh [Photo]

7th May 2017 - An amazing day in Münster! An early start to the day where the duo beat Bieneck and Schneider, then a quick break before a nailbiting match against Meppeling and van Gestel. Another win, so on to the final against Labourer and Sude. After many many matchpoints the Golden Girls won GOLD! A full tournment report will be on the Munster 2017 tournament page shortly.

6th May 2017 - The second day of the Münster tournament. A full report of the days matches can be found [here]. Considering  is the first competitive match the duo have played in many months and Laura is still recovering from her op, winning two of the three games is an encouragine result. Social media update from the duo [here].

4th May 2017 - A lovely short 'Jumping Analysis' video by Biomychanics showing the detailed analysis that takes place on L&Ks jumping to make sure that every jump they do is executed to perfection. [Video]