News Archive - March 2017


28 March 17
Laura (Translation):  Finally the sun shines again in Hamburg! Are you looking forward to the summer? Your girlzzzzz [Photo]

24th March 17 
L&K conclude their training camp in Bern with Hüberli/Betschart and Anouk/Heidrich [Image] [Video]

15th March 17 
Laura & Kira are offering the opportunity for 13-18 year olds to train with them. An excellent way to promote youngsters to get involved with the sport. It also shows Capri Sonne is back on their tops. Is the brand still involved or is this an error? [Video]
13th March 17
FB Update (Translated extract) 

A super camp is coming to an end. We spent two weeks in Tenerife and have taken our first big outdoor training camp behind us. The first week we did with Helke, the second with Jonas [...] The shoulder was very good, it all went according to plan.

Also two new photos [here] and [here]

10th March 17
SMS published an article last week entitled "More Than Sports: Laura’s back on track" where Laura talks about Fort Lauderdale and the latest on her shoulder recovery. [Source]

9th March 17
The FIVB have announced that the World Tour Finals will be taking place in - Hamburg. Laura & Kira managed to win playing at home last year, let's hope the same happens again.... [source

5th March 17
Recent pictures: Laura & Kira taking a break on the sand from training [here]. The duo enjoying a well earned meal after all that training [here]. Finally, Laura enjoying a pedicure [here].

4th March 17
Short BVB segment from ZDF featuring Laura & Kira. As this was shown when there is no current tournaments it's a good sign that BVB is growing in popularity. [Video link]

3rd March 17
A very short video showing Laura & Kira now training together for the 2017 season. It appears that the Canarian Sun was a good location to choose! [Link]

3rd March 2017
Interview with Laura Ludwig in DVV. She talks about her shoulder injury and her first tournament of the season with Kira Walkenhorst in Münster (5-7 May)!