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Have a look at the 'Rio 2016' section where there is a compilation of match reports, pictures, statistics, vidoes, articles, and much more. Relive the epic Summer of 2016 all over again! 

Ludwig Walkenhorst Rio 2016 Gold Medal

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­The eagerly awaited DVD/Bluray Ludwig/Walkenhorst Der Weg zu Gold is now available to purchase from the official shop. Go on, buy yourself a copy today! Also new to the official shop are t-shirts signed by Laura & Kira.


Ludwig/Walkenhorst Der Weg Zu Gold
Laura Ludwig - Happy

15th March - Laura & Kira are offering the opportunity for 13-18 year olds to train with them. An excellent way to promote youngsters to get involved with the sport. It also shows Capri Sonne is back on their tops. Is the brand still involved or is this an error? [Video]

13th March - FB Update (Translated extract) 
A super camp is coming to an end. We spent two weeks in Tenerife and have taken our first big outdoor training camp behind us. The first week we did with Helke, the second with Jonas [...] The shoulder was very good, it all went according to plan.

Also two new photos [here] and [here]

10th March 17 - SMS published an article last week entitled "More Than Sports: Laura’s back on track" where Laura talks about Fort Lauderdale and the latest on her shoulder recovery. [Source]

9th March 17 - The FIVB have announced that the World Tour Finals will be taking place in - Hamburg. Laura & Kira managed to win playing at home last year, let's hope the same happens again.... [source

5th March 17 - Recent pictures: Laura & Kira taking a break on the sand from training [here]. The duo enjoying a well earned meal after all that training [here]. Finally, Laura enjoying a pedicure [here].

4th March 17 - Short BVB segment from ZDF featuring Laura & Kira. As this was shown when there is no current tournaments it's a good sign that BVB is growing in popularity. [Video link]

3rd March 17 - A very short video showing Laura & Kira now training together for the 2017 season. It appears that the Canarian Sun was a good location to choose! [Link]

3rd March 17- Interview with Laura Ludwig in DVV. She talks about her shoulder injury and her first tournament of the season with Kira Walkenhorst in Münster (5-7 May)!

24th Feb 17 - Laura Ludwig - Better stick to the day job Laura. I think this might be a cooking fail!

23rd Feb 17 - Laura Ludwig helps "Elitschule des Sports" celebrate it's 10th anniversary my being a celebrity guest. She says that the kids asked her some interesting questions! [Source | Source]

13th Feb 17 - Laura & Kira do the Apple Break challenge for charity. Well done Kira! [Video - German]

13th Feb 17 - Update from Kira (Translation):
Very windy... Too bad - actually Jule and I were good on it. But in our last game against the Dutch women van Gestel / Meppelink the wind did not really help us. It was still great to be back on the pitch. Thanks also to Jule, it was huge fun. Now I'm looking forward to going home and especially to the first joint ball training with Laura. [Source]

10th Feb 17 - That's the end of Fort Lauderdale Major for Kira & Julia. It was always going to be a tough ask getting together at short notice, but they did manage to win a few games during their brief partnership. Don't forget to check out the day-by-day review of the tournament.

10th Feb 17 - Walkenhorst/Grossner (GER) - Meppelink/Van Gestel (NED)
Result: 0-2. [Match video]

9th Feb 17Walkenhorst/Grossner (GER) - Sweat/Summer (USA) Result: 0-2. [Match video]

9th Feb 17 - Update from Laura: She's jealous of the weather Kira and Julia are enjoying, and the fact that they are playing on court. But she says that she'll soon be up there playing again..... [Source]

9th Feb 17 - Update from Kira (Translation): Super start in Fort Lauderdale. Jule and I have won the first two games. Tomorrow is against the Americans Sweat/Summer. Keep your fingers crossed. [Source]

8th Feb 17 - Walkenhorst/Grossner (GER) - Ittlinger/Mersmann (GER) Result: 2-0. [Match video]

Walkenhorst/Grossner (GER) - Pischke/May (CAN)
Result: 2-1 [
Match video]

8th Feb 17 - Audio conversations with Kira. She talks about her first match with Julia, her preparation for Fort Lauderdale and her future goals. [Link]

8th Feb 17 - Easily missed news in the middle of a tournament but Ludwig/Walkenhorst have announced a new sponsor in the form of sun-tan lotion brand Ladival [Source]

6th Feb 17 - Update from Kira (Translation): For a week, Jule and I have been in Florida. Weather is good, conditions are great. We are looking forward to the tournament and we are excited about how we are going to go there. Keep your fingers crossed [Source]

6th Feb 17 - A short promotional piece by Laura Ludwig advertising the 2017 Swatch Major Series. [Link]

2nd Feb 17 - Swatch have now launched their 'BeachStream' for live and on demand coverage of all the matches. make sure you've registered so you're ready to watch the first match at [Link]

26th Jan 17 - Julia Grossner talks to Swatch about being asked to partner Kira Walkenhorst in Fort Lauderdale. She says that she had to think about the decision - but not for long! [Swatch Article]

22nd Jan 17 - Update from Laura: Her shoulder brace has now gone, cannot train at full power but the sand feels great! The Physios promise that after Fort Lauderdale she will be able to train properly with Kira again. [Source - German]

13th Jan 17 - Today is Laura Ludwig's birthday. I'm sure we all send her many birthday wishes and a speedy shoulder recovery!

9th Jan 17 - Laura & Kira start 2017 as they finished 2016 - by winning! This time the 2016 Die Sport1 competition in the Team Sport category. [Source - German]

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Have you seen this epic prank on Laura Ludwig yet?­

New PC Beach Volleyball Game out now!

Retail price:  £10.99 (Steam Store) The game is currently in 'Early Access' which means that there are still a few bugs to be ironed. However, having played the game for many hours I can say that it is a very good Beach Volleyball simulation. Physics have been accurately simulated and the gameplay is smooth, making it a very enjoyable game to play.


Volleyball Unbound - Pro Beach Volleyball
Fort Lauderdale Major News

Monster Block Kira!

Here comes the Boom­­

­Still tapping your feet to the tunes played at Rio 2016?

­The chances are you're thinking of the music played by DJ Roueche. He has released a special 36 minute "Thank You Rio" megamix featuring the most popular tunes from the arena. Well worth a listen.

Thank You Julia

Many thanks to Julia for postponing her own partnership with Glenzke to assist Kira in Fort Lauderdale Major to finish a credible 17th.